With enthusiasm, enterprise and refreshing ideas OPERA2DAY succeeds in reaching a wide audience with its productions. Our ambition is to capture our audience’s heart and thus win people over for the opera genre.

Our strategy is to cooperate with funds, an enthusiastic audience, partners and businesses. If you become a business partner in our company, you will provide young artists with an opportunity to develop their vocal, musical and theatrical talents. You will contribute to the renewal and vitality of an age-old tradition of song and music that still moves us. You will be reciprocated appropriately with receptions, workshops and tailor-made participation projects.

We are eager to introduce ourselves to businesses interested in cooperation. Businesses that share our enthusiasm, ambition and enterprise. And that are open to explore new opportunities – we ourselves see many creative ways to grow. In addition to receptions at performances we could, for example, offer you workshops and tailor-made participation projects. Your business could even be play a part in a performance. We would love to brainstorm with you.

Please send an email to relaties@opera2day.nl to make our acquaintance.

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    'OPERA2DAY proved once again that one must take into account this Hague-based opera company that, starting from tradition, realizes one sensational performance after the other'

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