We aim to share our love for opera with as many people as possible! Our participation projects give you the opportunity to experience our opera performances up close. We always have a substantive, exciting and above all fun angle to involve local participants of all ages in every city of our tour. Participation may consist of an amateur choir, or amateur actors as extras during a particular scene. And sometimes we look for enthusiasts for a special act in the foyer.

The time investment differs per production. Participating may involve a preparatory evening a few days in advance of a particular performance. Often, there is an afternoon rehearsal in the theater, followed by dinner with the cast and crew. An then it’s time for wardrobe and make-up and to prepare for curtain up!

Are you considering to join a participation project? Would you like to know if our participation projects are suitable for your organization? Interested in the time involved with a particular project? Curious about the costs? For all questions and for consultation, please contact Mieke van der Ven, our participation and education coordinator: educatie@opera2day.nl or 06-23365583.


"I have increasingly enjoyed the opera and I feel awe and respect for the entire organization."

"Yesterday's experience is still buzzing in my body."

“Compliments for your professionalism in guiding and managing our group of participants. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.”

“It was a fantastic experience and I definitely want more! Once again and in my honest opinion; without your organization skills it wouldn’t have been nowhere near as successful.”

“It was great to participate yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed everything! Please accept a big thank you for the very pleasant guidance and the excellent organization.”

"Opera2day: what a great bunch of people!"

“What an impressive evening! The performance still resonates in my head. I loved my role as an ‘intern’, I really enjoyed participating!”


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    On its way to theatrical perfection

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