Serge van Veggel

Serge van Veggel

Artistic director

Serge van Veggel is one of the founders of OPERA2DAY. As its artistic and stage director he has developed a number of very diverse productions in recent years. He often chooses a conceptual approach, creating new works on the basis of existing repertoire. He has a preference for merging opera with - sometimes unexpected - genres such as textual theatre, dance, cinematography, illusionism and puppetry and for playing at extraordinary locations.

He did this in La troupe d’Orphée around repertoire by Charpentier, Dolhuys Kermis (A Madhouse Fair) with a set of lamenti in a new context, and in the new creations based on existing repertoire Dr. Miracles last illusion and, in 2019, Vivaldi - Dangerous Liaisons. Besides he directed titles from the repertoire such as The Fairy QueenLa Giuditta (Alessandro Scarlatti), Médée (Cherubini) and Hamlet (Thomas) and was the initiator and co-librettist of the opera Mariken in the garden of delights, which was newly composed by Calliope Tsoupaki. The making of Mariken was recorded by filmmaker Sonia Herman Dolz as Mariken, Visioen van een Opera. He also directed several musical theatre shows as a guest director, among them productions for Gergiev Festival Rotterdam, Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht, Festival Classique Den Haag and Stichting Het 20ste-eeuwse Lied.

Van Veggel studied Dutch language and literature and graduated on the artistic creed of composer and classicist Alphons Diepenbrock. Earlier in his career he was responsible for the programming and realisation of the Gergiev Festival and he was part of the management team of De Doelen concert and congress centre in Rotterdam. For 'Luister', a Dutch periodical on classical music, he reviewed opera recordings. He acquired director experience as an assistant and trainee in productions by Operastudio Nederland (Harry Kupfer), RO Theater (Alize Zandwijk), Onafhankelijk Toneel /Opera O.T. (Mirjam Koen and Gerrit Timmers) and De Nederlandse Opera (Pierre Audi).

(Photo: Henk Bleeker)

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