Tuesday 3 December 2019

Vivaldi Dangerous Liaisons on Vimeo and DVD

Vivaldi Dangerous Liaisons on Vimeo and DVD

Early in 2019, Vivaldi – Dangerous Liaisons toured the theatres in the Netherlands and Belgium. The show reuses parts from various operas by Vivaldi to create a brand-new baroque opera based on Les Liasons Dangereuses by Choderlos de Laclos. The famous libertine novel full of intrigues, betrayal and manipulative love games is an ideal background for the fireworks of Vivaldi's opera music. Stefano Simone Pintor and Serge van Veggel wrote a new libretto. Vanni Moretto composed new recitatives to unify the scenes.

Did you miss the opera or do you want to see it again? The DVD is obtainable at the price of € 15,– from Bol.com. Would you rather stream Vivaldi – Dangerous Liaisons? € 10,– gives you unlimited access to our stream on Vimeo. Of course, there is nothing like a live performance. Vivaldi – Dangerous Liaisons will be staged in Biel and Solothurn in Switzerland from 4 April until 29 May. 

P.S. You may want to give the DVD or stream to family and friends abroad. Subtitles are available in Dutch, English, German and Italian.

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    The company has created a 21st century recipe for opera that could almost certainly not have been imagined in any other era

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