Thursday 25 October 2018

'Hamlet' to Argentina - anew cooperation with Juventus Lyrica

'Hamlet' to Argentina - anew cooperation with Juventus Lyrica

After the successful co-productions 'Così fan tutte', 'Don Giovanni' and 'Le Comte Ory' OPERA2DAY once more teams up with the Argentinian opera company Juventus Lyrica. Ambroise Thomas's opera 'Hamlet' will première in Buenos Aires on 5 November 2018. 150 years after its première in Paris and 80 years after its last performance in Argentina Juventus Lyrica will play the ‘The Hague’ version of Hamlet conducted by OPERA2DAY's Hernán Schvartzman. 

'Hamlet re-invented in The Hague’ was the headline chosen by Opera Now critic Robert Hugill after the première in the Koninklijke Schouwburg on 18 January 2018. The abridged version of Hamlet will be the base of a new production in Argentina led by María Jaunarena, artistic director of Juventus Lyrica, and Hernán Schvartzman. OPERA2DAY's musical director will conduct the opera and will bring with him the original scores that were used by the Theatre Français de La Haye between 1870 and 1914. These records contain valuable information on how the opera is to be performed. 

Together with Emlyn Stam, artistic director of the New European Ensemble, Hernán will travel to Buenos Aires to provide the production with the particular musical approach developed by the musicians during 'Hamlet' and 'Dr. Miracle’s last illusion', co-produced by OPERA2DAY and the New European Ensemble. Analyses of early recordings from the 20th century and historical sources resulted in a highly expressive interpretation: "The New European Ensemble and conductor Hernán Schvartzman make the scores sing from beginning to end", wrote leading newspaper Trouw. Hernán and Emlyn will also give open master classes on 19th-century performance practices to young Argentinian musicians and singers. 


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