Thursday 18 January 2018

Enable the DVD of Hamlet, sign up now

Enable the DVD of Hamlet, sign up now

In 2018 OPERA2DAY tours with Hamlet, a ‘grande opéra’ by Ambroise Thomas. Hamlet is a pearl in the opera history, with a touching story and beautiful music. The piece was staged 153 times in The Hague alone and has then disappeared from the stage for 100 years..

We want to present Hamlet to as many people as possible, inside and outside of the theatres. To prevent Hamlet from disappearing again for 100 years, we want to make a professional registration of our production, and release it on DVD and as high-quality streaming.


To realise this, we need your help. Only with your support, we can enable the DVD. Donate on voordekunst.nl, starting at no more than €20, and receive the DVD or access to the registration in high-quality streaming.

Click here to donate or read more. 


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